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SNEIGE – Association for warmer relations between estranged peoples – seeks to build bridges between peoples who are divided by ideology and politics. This new initiative promotes intellectual openness and a realist view of other nations and cultures. It favours interpersonal communication and social ties between human beings.



It happens that a chill descends on the relations between peoples. Often the reason is our struggle to understand the reality of other nations and cultures and our failure to accept differences. Faced with ideologies that distort and divide, at SNEIGE we believe in the power of interpersonal communication to break down barriers and bring together peoples who are estranged from one another.


Coming from different countries and cultures, we are journalists, communication specialists, philosophers, political thinkers and historians who work in public affairs. We draw on our extensive international backgrounds to help build a common life less in thrall to ideology and where the focus on the human dimension adds some warmth to international relations.


Open to all parts of the world, SNEIGE is particularly interested in East-West relations and it deploys direct approaches that touch the core of public opinion.  Our actions are often discreet and aimed at decision-makers, intellectuals and other opinion leaders of all outlooks, as well as young people. The aim is to build bridges and ties between people in order to overcome our paralysed politics. We promote a realist view on the common interests of different countries. With this in mind the world of business is our closest ally. Our other key pillar is the world of culture and the arts.


By creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to encourage fresh ideas, we provide new forums to facilitate difficult conversations. Whether it is debates between opposed visions, encounters among eminent personalities or individual meetings, we provide a bespoke offer of exchanges that are conducive to intellectual openness and an expression of our humanity that we share beyond class, colour and creed. SNEIGE aims to be a source for warmer relations between estranged peoples.


Our focus : EAST-WEST relations

Our interlocutors : those who shape PUBLIC OPINION

Our support base : BUSINESS and culture

Our strength : interpersonal COMMUNICATION  






A German national and a graduate of Cambridge and Sciences Po Paris, Adrian Pabst is a philosopher and political thinkers who specialises in contemporary questions of economics and international relations. He has criss-crossed Europe for twenty years as a speaker and a consultant. He is the author of numerous books, notably The Politics of Virtue (Rowman & Littlefield International) and a frequent contributor to the New Statesman. Currently he is the Head of the School of Politics and International Relations at the University of Kent, in England.

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Born in Moscow and a graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations under the MFA of Russia, Alexandra Kamenskaya has been at the heart of Franco-Russian and international initiatives for over 15 years. She was instrumental in setting up and developing the Valdai Club and ran the Paris bureau of the Russian news agency RIA Novosti before being in charge of communications for the Franco-Russian Dialogue. She is currently a consultant and special adviser to the Dialogue of Civilisations Research Institute.



Board member

Roberto Coaloa is a historian, biographer, literary critic and passionate bibliophile who studied at the universities of Milan, Aix-en-Provence, Heidelberg and Mexico. He is the author of numerous books on the Austro-Hungarian empire and a famous biographer of Leo Tolstoy of whom he is a world-leading expert. He has published a prestigious Italian edition of War and Revolution (Feltrinelli), one of Tolstoy’s hitherto unpublished manuscripts. Roberto teaches at the Summer School of the Oriental University of Naples and writes for the leading Italian broadsheets, including La Stampa and Il Sole-24 Ore.



Board member

Philippe Dessaint is a TV journalist with a long international track record. He was the director of news and of international affairs of the French channel TV5 Monde and also the long-standing presenter of Kiosque, a flagship programme of TV5 Monde bringing together eminent international journalists. Winner of many prestigious press awards, he is currently a consultant and provides leadership training to global decision-makers.



Board member

Jean-Dominique Merchet is a French journalist specializing in military, strategic and international issues. A graduate of the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble, he worked for Liberation newspaper then was deputy Editorial director of Marianne weekly magazine, before joining at its creation the daily L’Opinion as correspondent for defense and diplomacy. Jean-Dominique Merchet is auditor of the Institute of Higher National Defense Studies (IHEDN 49), author of several books and host since 2007 of the popular blog Secret Defense.




Our ambition is to bring together decision-makers, intellectuals, eminent personalities from the world of culture, journalists and the young elites of all backgrounds with the aim of raising their awareness and fostering openness and closer connections between countries and cultures. We adopt a personal, tailored approach that translates into action aimed at generating new ideas and giving them public impact in order to overcome divisions that are often artificial. With the help of high-profile people, we encourage strategic thinking on why nations become estranged from one another and how they can be brought closer together – with a focus on the human dimension and interpersonal communication. We also organise small gatherings to allow for a closer engagement and the forging of interpersonal ties.

     Sneige thanks Juliette Meimoun and Paola Brancato for help with the photos.

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